XamaWIN – Changing the statusbar color in iOS

Xamawin • zam-ah win | noun A quick, easy to implement enhancement for a Xamarin App that improves performance, appearance, or functionality This XamaWIN, like they often do, comes after an embarrassing amount of time searching for a simple thing: changing the color of the statusbar text for iOS. By default, the text color is black until … Continue reading XamaWIN – Changing the statusbar color in iOS

Bootstrap Series – Xamarin.Forms in MvvmLight

Welcome! This is the first entry in a three(?) part series where I explore MVVM frameworks that can be used with Xamarin.Forms. As a by-product of my investigation, I'll have a handy bootstrapped project of each framework to help you get started using the framework discussed! tl;dr - source code Over the course of the … Continue reading Bootstrap Series – Xamarin.Forms in MvvmLight