You know that saying about an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of keyboards will eventually reproduce Shakespeare? Well, you’ve only got one monkey. And only one keyboard. But I am a very lucky monkey.


Hello! My name is Joe Meyer; Full-time developer, part-time hobby-jogger, Tsar of awful check-in comments. I like cooking, exploring Chicago, and a good story. I write code sometimes.

In fact, I’ve been writing code sometimes since about 2010; typically C#, JavaScript, XAML, CSS, and other things related to function and form for web and phone apps, both native and HTML-based. Recently, I’ve taken a particular shine to Xamarin and other technologies that make cross-platform native possible from a single code base. I like to blog about the things I learn at a little company called Rightpoint as well as the cool stuff I learn on my own time.

Ask me about good restaurants in Chicago. I dine out sometimes.



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