React Native: Scaling Animation onPress Made Easy

In the world of touch screen and virtual buttons, providing visual feedback of an action is important to let your users know their touch interactions have been received by your app. If you find yourself rolling your own touchables in react native, you can use custom animations to respond to user interaction. Here’s a easy way to animate a the appearance of a “press”, which you can use in addition to other feedback, like opacity:

Our animation is largely driven by these primary functions. Take a close look at getScaleTransformationStyle. We accept an Animated.Value, which is an object that describes the state of animation for a given element (or elements) on screen, as well as a start size (how large the element should be prior to animating) and an end size (how large the object should be at the end of the animation). “End” size is somewhat loose here, as we are relying on the touchable onPressOut (i.e – touch released) to return our element to it’s original state. Compare pressInAnimation to pressOutAnimation:

You’ll notice that the animated.setValue value corresponds to the expected inputRange value defined by our interpolation variable in getScaleTransformationStyle. Once we apply the style returned from getScaleTransformationStyle to a valid Animated.View, we can see our scaling adventures in action! Check out the expo sandbox or the quick demo below:

Not too bad, eh? Don’t forget: you can make SCALE its own file and export it for further reuse across multiple files. Enjoy!

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